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Referral Rewards Program

Triple Pay Referral Rewards

Do you know a business owner who:

  • Is dissatisfied with current bookkeeper
  • Is concerned about fraud and/or theft
  • Needs a bookkeeper with advanced accounting knowledge
  • Is thinking about outsourcing the bookkeeping function
  • Wants to be relieved of the burden of managing the books

Refer your business associates to Paisley Solutions and earn rewards:

Thank you for thinking of us! 

Expect a thank you gift to arrive by email for all leads. Earn a $25 gift card.

Job well done reward! (Help us get a meeting) 

If we meet with your referral, expect another thank you gift to be sent to you. Earn a $25 gift card.
(Tip:  Offer to setup a meeting or telephone introduction)

Unlimited Referral Reward! 

If your referral hires Paisley you will receive another $50 gift card now and each year they renew the service agreement!
(Tip:  Offer to attend the introductory meeting)

We make it easy to refer us:

  • Your Information

  • Referral Information