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Reviews of Paisley Solutions Bookkeeping Services

Paisley Solutions offers trustworthy, secure on-site and in-person bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and beyond. Our team has provided expert bookkeeping solutions to all types of businesses for over 25 years, including trade and service-based companies, professional consultants and real estate agents, general contractors, a variety of retail and restaurant locations, and medical providers.

When you partner with Paisley Solutions you’ll work with a team that is ready to fine-tune your accounting systems and reporting with accurate financial statements and expense overviews.  

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Testimonials From Bookkeeping Clients

After working with us for over twenty years, our ‘in house’ bookkeeper retired.  We were reluctant to hire an off-site service, as we worried that we wouldn’t be able to experience the same kind of service or relationship that we had enjoyed for so many years. The staff at Paisley are in the office five days per week and always accessible by phone (which has actually been better than having our ‘in house’ bookkeeper, as she was only in the office two days per week). They are courteous, knowledgable, and always responsive to our questions and requests. They instill confidence in us that they know what they are doing and they truly enjoy what they do.

I would absolutely recommend Paisley Solutions!

G. P. – Dental Practice

I have been working WITH Paisley Solutions for the past year and a half.  Paisley Solutions does things the correct way from the entries into QuickBooks® to the resulting clean reports needed for accounting and tax returns. You cannot go wrong with this company.
H.A. – Real Estate Investment & Property Management

As a new business owner there were countless things I needed to learn and follow-up on to get my business up and running.  Engaging Paisley Solutions for my bookkeeping meant one less area of the business I needed to worry about.  Throughout the process of preparing for and opening the business I received valuable guidance from Paisley and now operate with full confidence that the finances are being accurately accounted for.   Paisley has helped me to understand the details of our income and expenses in our day to day operations and made tax filing very simple.  They also helped me navigate the challenges of the COVID 19 crisis by providing me with information that I would have missed or not fully understood.   I would whole-heartedly recommend Paisley Solutions to any business owner who wants to focus on the many other facets of running a business.

B.K. – Restaurant & Brewery

I dropped off all of my records for my business’s taxes to my CPA.  When I arrived she said my taxes were already done which left me with a confused look on my face.  She said Paula already given her everything she needed and further explained how excellent of a job her team did.

When my accountant who has super high standards and is one of the smartest people I know gives a compliment like that –  it’s high praise.  I thought to myself “Paula really reminds me so much of you”!

I am so glad she put me in touch with you.

S.H. – Restaurant

We started using Paisley solutions several years ago, when we were concerned about confidential information being mishandled by an internal employee.    They uncovered all of our internal processes and restructured procedures to manage our monthly accounting very efficiently.  We get the best of both worlds by having a professional organization handle our accounting outside our office but still having a close relationship as if they were our employees.
J.P. – Telecommunications Consulting, and Outsourcing Firm

We were out of our element keeping our own books and wanted to be sure we had accurate information with which to run our business and make sound business decisions.  One of the primary benefits of hiring Paisley is we no longer worry about our books!  Also, in choosing a bookkeeping provider we wanted to be certain we were getting a good value and we are.   The staff at Paisley are professional and responsive and we have developed a great rapport with them.  We would definitely recommend Paisley.

J.H. - Manufacturer & Distributer

Responsible for running a newly-incorporated subsidiary of a German medical device manufacturer, it was critical for me to find competent and cost-effective help for key functions of our business – One of those was bookkeeping.

I first met Paula at a QuickBooks® Demo Workshop she was leading in 2012. Impressed by her knowledge and skill, but also by her genuine willingness to help (every question, no matter how seemingly trivial, was addressed in thoughtful, patient detail), we soon contracted with Paisley Solutions. Paula was intentional about learning about our business, and quickly affirmed our decision by solving one of the issues that even our previous CPA at the time struggled with – how to account for the ever-fluctuating currency exchange rate.

Paisley Solutions has proven to be an invaluable business partner. Their competency, integrity, and no-nonsense “land the plane” approach are just what we were looking for, and I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend them.

T. B. – Manufacturing Representative for a German Company

When we found ourselves in a predicament needing a wide variety of bookkeeping services, Paisley Solutions answered the call.  Using a team approach, and the utmost professionalism and expertise, Paisley Solutions was able to seamlessly put us back on track.   Seven months later we find ourselves so happy and completely satisfied that they are part of our team!

D. T. – Retail and Entertainment