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Non-Profit Bookkeeping Wilmington

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services for Non-Profits

Paisley Solutions offers a bookkeeping team with extensive knowledge of non-profit bookkeeping needs. Paula Paisley, owner and founder of Paisley Solutions, brings a wide breadth of experience from non-profit involvement. Paula’s most recent position as Treasurer of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce (neighboring the Lancaster business community) proves her trustworthiness in addition to providing an inside look of how a not-for-profit organization operates from within.

Let’s discuss how a partnership with Paisley Solutions can help your non-profit organization achieve financial goals and growth. Schedule a FREE bookkeeping consultation with Paisley Solutions and receive a 25% credit against the first month of new services

Paisley Solutions believes in being a strong community member, so that’s why for our non-profit clients, Paisley will make a quarterly donation of 5% of invoice payments received.

Why Non-Profits Should Work with a Bookkeeper

  1. View Expenses with Ease & Accuracy
    Keeping your books up-to-date and accurate will help you understand your non-profit organization’s financials. Paisley Solutions custom program reporting lets you accurately track the breakdown of program expenses vs administrative expenses.
  2. Guidance to Board and Financial Committee Members
    We know that managing continuity in a non-profit can be a challenge. Volunteers and board members are often in transition. Our professional bookkeeping team will accurately report financials and provide the tools necessary to improve continuity.
  3. Audit Assistance
    Hiring a bookkeeper provides your non-profit organization with professional, experienced assistance with audits.
  4. Trustworthy & Knowledgeable Bookkeeping Insights
    Paisley Solutions gives non-profit’s the ability to customize the chart of accounts to support reporting needs. We are bonded, insured, have supported several non-profit organizations in our community.
  5. Security Against Business and Employee Fraud
    Paisley Solutions incorporates procedures to deter fraud and theft. Non-profit organizations cannot put a price on peace of mind and our bookkeeping services will help you to detect and prevent fraud occurrences.

Types of Non-Profit Organizations We Serve

  • Business/Trade Organizations
  • Auxiliary Groups
  • Senior Centers
  • Historic Districts
  • Foundations

Added Value Bookkeeping Offers for Non-Profits

Paisley Solutions provides several added value offers to our non-profit partners to help improve bookkeeping management and business financials, including:

  • $99 Budgets and Projections 2-hour work session
  • $99 Let’s Talk about Cash Flow 2-hour work session
  • FREE 2-hour review of five financial statements, including:
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. Profit & Loss (aka Income Statement)
    3. Aged Accounts Receivable
    4. Aged Accounts Payable
    5. Statement of Cash Flow

If you’d like to learn more about our outsourced bookkeeping services for non-profits, schedule a FREE consultation with Paisley Solutions