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What do I need to know about IT support?

When planning for IT support it is critical to evaluate your needs across your business.  All too often, I see successful businesses entrusting their IT systems to unqualified individuals or businesses. It saves them money until they have a crisis situation and then they pay dearly.

A qualified individual or business will be able to guide you and provide timely support for all the key functions.

  • Hardware maintenance & replacement
  • Software replacement, maintenance, integration & licensing
  • Guidance regarding Server Colocation (this means your server is located off-site)
  • Sales/Customer Support/CRM systems
  • Compliance with ever increasing regulatory matters
  • Security (virus/malware/hacking/ransomware)
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing & Inventory Management
  • Backup Solutions & Disaster Recovery

If you find this list to be an eye opener, talk with your IT service provider.

Contact Paisley Solutions if you have any questions or need referrals to qualified providers.