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Utilizing Mobile Technology

Business on the Go: Mobile Technology

The world today is constantly moving and evolving. Sometimes it’s hard for small businesses to keep up with all the expensive and new technologies that come out. However, it’s now becoming easier and cheaper to become mobile or to utilize mobile technology. Forbes says that the top 25% of small and medium sized enterprises are seeing big gains from mobile. It’s reported that there is twice the revenue growth and up to eight times more jobs being created from mobile technology.

The Benefits of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology aids businesses in three main ways. It helps with communication both internally and externally, it helps customers gain knowledge about your business, and it creates responsiveness with customers and potential customers.

Mobile technologies also make it easier for customers to:

  • Find your location quickly and easily
  • Compare your products/services to competitors
  • Give feedback
  • Read reviews
  • Communicate with you directly (more than before)


Ways to Utilize Mobile Technology

There are different methods to utilize mobile technologies to help your customers as well as your business.

  • Add mobile payment options for customer convenience
  • Give employees mobile tools to succeed
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
  • Create a mobile-friendly website for customers
    • Responsive designs create a website that is not designed for a specific format and resizes based on the screen it is on.