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Outsourcing- Not a Dirty Word!

Today there is stigma surrounding the topic of outsourcing. Outsourcing is delegating certain tasks to a company outside your own. Many companies are outsourcing to save money, to better specialize in a profession, or even to get an outside perspective.

You may be wondering, is outsourcing the right decision for my company? Ideally, the best time to decide a function should be outsourced is once a process or system has been designed. There are many aspects and questions that go into making the decision to outsource other than designing systems and processes.

You may need to look at financial costs. You also may need to look to see if the task you’re considering to outsource is part of your competitive advantage or if it is central to your ability to create profits. Also, make sure to account for all the costs of outsourcing.

Outsourcing isn’t a permanent decision! You can and should revisit your options and the value it brings to your company.


What’s in it for me? – Benefits of Outsourcing

There are many benefits associated with outsourcing. Not only can you save money, most outsourcing costs can represent as little as 50% of the cost of equivalent in-house functions.

Outsourcing also allows your company to focus on its core strengths. Plus, you get access to more relevant, timely information from seasoned specialists.

Cost savings are the main benefit from outsourcing. However, cost savings only occur in a functional area of the business if the costs are known, measured, reported, and studied AND the costs are governed through planning and thorough management.

What questions should I ask?

There are many questions that should be asked to help the decision-making process. First you must ask questions assessing your company.

  • What am I looking to outsource?
  • Am I considering outsourcing an entire function or a portion of it?
  • Why am I considering outsourcing as an alternative?
  • How do I describe the function or operation I am considering for outsourcing?
  • Are there proven outsourcing solutions available for this purpose?
  • How do I effectively transition from my own operation to an outsourced provider? How long will it take to transition? Are there problems during transition? If so, what are they and how do we avoid them?
  • What if outsourcing doesn’t work for me? What are the downsides? How serious are the potential downsides to the businesses?


How do I begin?

There are certain steps you can take that will aid you in your outsourcing process.

Step one is understanding, stabilizing and controlling your environment.

Step two is designing and implementing processes and systems into your company.

Step three is outsourcing the management and maintenance of the processes and systems.


In Conclusion:

Outsourcing is a common business practice and can greatly benefit your company. If you have any questions regarding outsourcing, please visit these helpful articles.