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Am I sufficiently funding my retirement?

If you read this question and say “what retirement plan”, then it is a great time to seek out a financial professional.  All too often business owners:

  • feel daily work and decisions are more pressing
  • are counting on selling their business
  • assume they and their family will remain healthy

Follow this link to read about the “5 Retirement Mistakes Small Business Owners Make” courtesy of David Tate, Diamond State Financial Group.


If you read this question and say “I am really not sure”, then it is a great time to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor.  Have you estimated how much money you will need in retirement?  We all want to be able to enjoy our golden years without worrying or having to change our lifestyle.

Follow this link to read about “An Inside Look at Retirement Living” courtesy of Danielle Yoch, Montrose Park Advisors.


Follow this link to read “Checklist: Getting Ready to Retire” courtesy of Donald Sellers, Edward Jones Investments.